Fisheries Beach Marina - Credit: Alice Reddington Photography

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Bremer Bay is known for its beautiful beaches located all along the coast. The main beach, Bremer Beach is a comfortable 10 minute walk from town along the rivers edge via The Paperbarks Walk Trail.

The boat harbour at Fishery Beach offers full boating facilities. This facility also caters for the local pilchard fishing boats and the two orca charter vessels. 

No matter what the weather conditions are, a protected beach can always be found.

Bremer Bay is situated on the south coast of Western Australia in the Great Southern region between Albany and Esperance, at the mouth of the Bremer River. Bremer Bay is 515 kilometres southeast of Perth, and 180 kilometres east of Albany. The town has a population of approx. 570.

The bay was named by John Septimus Roe, who visited the area in 1831, after Sir James Bremer, Captain of HMS Tamar.

The town was originally named Wellstead, but a local petition in 1951 was in favour of the current name. The change of name was approved and gazetted in 1962.