Kids on Short Beach Bremer Bay - Photo Credit Alice Reddington

Kids on Short Beach, Bremer Bay - Credit: Alice Reddington Photography


Bremer Bay is renowned for it’s many beautiful beaches. From hidden coves to sprawling white sandy beaches and turquoise water you will not be disappointed. There is always a beach for any weather and the best fishing, swimming and boating on offer. 

Please note that there is no spearfishing allowed in the confines of Little Boat Harbour from the natural jetty to the headland on the right of the beach including the plate coral at the top of the headland. Also the Back Beach Bombie is off limits to spearfishing. If you are not sure about where you can spearfish please see Craig Lebens at the Bremer Bay Dive for more information.

Bremer Beach

 The main beach and closest to the town site.It sweeps right around to James Cove to the east and back around to John Cove to the south. Paperbark Park is adjacent with BBQ’s & newly renovated toilet & outdoor shower facilities. Designated dog exercise area on the northern side of the sandbar.

John Cove

In the south western corner of Bremer Beach and a short walk from the Paperbarks Park, this is a safe & sheltered swimming area. Suitable for small children. Accessible from Bremer Beach & Cuneo Drive.

Fishery Beach & Marina

Safe & Sheltered beach swimming suitable for small children. Good fishing off the marina jetty. Toilet, shower & change room facilities. Boat launching facilities. Orca tours leave from the marina from January to April.

James Cove

In the eastern corner of Bremer Beach a safe & sheltered from the easterly winds beach. Good for fishing & swimming. Recommended to let your tyre pressure down to at least 18psi as the beaches up this end can get very soft.

Short Beach

Deep water , good fishing, enclosed with a reef. There is a gazebo for days when you need a break from the sun. Toilet facilities. No vehicle access to this beach.

Back Beach

4WD only. Very soft beach so drive with caution and let your tyres down to 15 psi is recommended. Alternatively you can park up near the Abalone Farm and a short walk down to the beach. Interesting diving at the southern end on the Back Beach Bombie.  Please note there is no spearfishing allowed on the Back Beach Bombie or at Little Boat Harbour. No motorbikes. Toilet is opposite the Abalone Farm. Designated off leash dog exercise beach.

Blossoms Beach

A very popular beach for families as it is shallow a long way out. Surf lessons are held during the summer school holidays. Good for general beach activities. Toilet facilities. Dogs allowed on leash at all times. No Motorbikes or Quad bikes. Please take caution of rips at all times.

Native Dog Beach

Great surfing beach. Please be aware of the strong rip. Only recommended for experienced surfers. Toilets are located nearby at the entrance to the Native Dog track.

Little Boat Harbour

Deep water, scuba dive trail, great for snorkelling, fishing, and swimming also boat launch from the beach providing conditions allow. Please be aware of boats launching from the beach as this is shared space. Toilet facilities. Please note there is no spearfishing allowed at Little Boat Harbour or on the Back Beach Bombie.

Dillon Bay

Approx. 11 kilometres  from the townsite off the main road. This is 4wd access only. Great fishing and swimming. Surfing up the western end at Sharpies Corner. Camping available. The beach is very soft up the eastern end so drive with caution & let your tyre pressure down. Access is also available from Black Rocks Rd but again drive with caution, let your tyre pressure down as very soft and sometimes washed out.