Bird Watching

Short Billed Black Cockatoo - Credit: Steve Elson, Shire of Jerramungup


Bird Watching in Bremer Bay has a lot to offer and will delight bird watchers whether fully experienced or just an amateur and is something all age groups can enjoy.

If you take a walk along the beach you will likely encounter Pied Oyster Catchers, Red Capped Plovers, Crested Terns, common Seagulls and if lucky the local Sea Eagle or Osprey.

Around the estuary Pelicans, along with a myriad of other estuary birds including Grebes, Cormorants, Egrets, Stints, Sandpipers, Avocets and often Black Swans.

In and about the townsite the variety of birds is extensive with New Holland Honeyeaters, Red Wattle Birds, Galahs, Red Capped Parrots, Magpies, Crested Pigeons, and Ring Neck Parrots just to name a few.

For those with gardens the smaller birds find these places of refuge and Wrens like the Splendid Wren , Fantails, Firetail Finches, Red Capped Robins & Yellow Rumped Thornbills are quite common.

The species of birds also found in the Fitzgerald River National Park is wide and varied. The numerous walk trails within the park can provide bird watchers with an array of birds not seen elsewhere.

The local walk trails are a good place to spot a lot of these bird species in their natural habitat and will not disappoint even the most experienced twitchers.