Wildflowers in Fitzgerald River National Park

Queen of Sheeba Orchid at Tozer's Bush Camp - Credit: Alice Reddington Photography


Wildflowers are evident all year round with the best times of the year being August, September & October. Many rare species are found only in and around Bremer Bay. The Fitzgerald River National Park, recognised by UNESCO as a unique biosphere, boasts an abundance of over 1800 unique species of flora and over 200 types of fauna. Orchids are also a big highlight of the area with many different species recorded and they can be seen walking around the townsite from the footpaths and walk trails. 

Please help to protect our flora & fauna by sticking to the paths and marked trails . The picking of wildflowers is prohibited by law.

The Bremer Bay Community Resource Centre has all the information available for the park. 

Park passes are available from the DPAW website or from the park entrance at Point Ann. 

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