Leafy Seadragon - Photo Credit Craig Lebens


Underwater Treasures

Bremer Bay has a unique underwater environment. Our water temperature only varies from 17 to 21 degrees all year round. Flora and fauna can live and thrive in our pristine waters that cannot survive in waters nearby. Bremer Bay is Australia’s hotspot for Weedy¬† Seadragons & Leafy Seadragons.¬†

There is a huge diversity of species due to the nutrient rich, cooler temperature waters. We have many vibrant Nudi Brauchs (small sea slugs) which add a flash of colour to our already vivid marine environment. Bremer Bays dive and snorkel sites have an abundance of sponge life of many different colours, formations and sizes. Bright orange Gorgonian Fans and the delicate appearance of the numerous Hydroids add contrast and texture to the sea scape. Tube Worms, Basket Stars and soft corals also add colour to this amazing underwater wonderland.

The plentiful fish life regularly see include Redlip Morwong, Western Fox Fish, Blue Devils, Old Wives, Scaly Fin and Zebra Fish to name a few creating a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns.

The amazing Weedy & Leafy Seadragon, unique to the southern temperate waters, are often seen here as the adjoining seagrass beds are major breeding areas. Many visitors from around the world travel to Bremer Bay just to catch a glimpse and/or photograph these unique sea creatures.

Our Protected locations and extensive seagrass meadows also create a haven for juvenile fish of many different species, which are wonderful to watch as they dash about in large or small groups. Large areas of plate coral are also home to many different sea dwellers, providing a safe home for brightly coloured Damselfish, Horseshoe, Leather Jackets and the appropriately named Harlequin Fish.

Inquisitive seals, stingrays and dolphins visit from time to time and are a delight to watch as they surf the waves or cruise over the seagrass beds in search of food or mischievous fun.

Bremer Bays remarkable underwater wonderland is truly unique and definitely worthy of investigating by snorkelling or diving, this is how you can really appreciate it’s natural beauty.