The Native Snail Trail

The Native Snail Trail Bremer Bay - Photo Credit Sophie Gray

Walking Trails


The Native Snail Trail cuts through a variety of landforms, vegetation types and habitats. It is named after the Native Snail that is found in the bushland that it winds through. It’s surface has been specifically chosen to suit this shared use path and is ideal for walking, cycling, scooter or skateboard riders.

With various rest spots and art works along the way, this undulating path makes a very pleasant link between town and the Bremer Bay Beaches Caravan Park & Tourist Resort. 

The trail starts on Wellstead Rd opposite the Dive Shop & Hardware Store. 

Travellers can extend their journey to the Wellstead Museum & Cafe via the footpath the continues along Wellstead Road.

These paths are part of a trails network helping to connect businesses, recreational facilities, town, accommodation and places of interest.

More information on Bremer Bays walking trails can be found by attending the Bremer Bay Community Resource Centre at 7 Mary St Bremer Bay.


This 2.07km long walk trail (4.01km return) also starts at the Bremer Bay Community Resource Centre. The majority of the route follows the southern shoreline of the Wellstead Estuary and provides fabulous views across the water. It is a great walk for spotting wading birds and when in season a variety of orchids.

Its compacted limestone or sand gravel mix make it the perfect surface for walkers of all abilities & ages. Signage along the way details a mixture of information regarding Bremer Bays natural and historical heritage. More information can be found by attending the Bremer Bay Community Resource Centre at 7 Mary St Bremer Bay.


This walk trail takes you from the starting point at the corner of Frantom Way down to the Sports Club. Winding scenically through bushland and parts of the golf course finishing with the wonderful panoramic views over  Back Beach & the back 9 holes of the golf course. Only an easy short walk for all ages take the kids to play on the playground at the Sports Club while you soak in the views.