Wellstead Museum Cafe Bremer Bay - Photo Credit Sarah Hall


The Currawong and Boobook cottages are delightful heritage listed dwellings located on Peppermint Grove Farm, Bremer Bay. The origins of these cottages date back to the time when the property was first settled by John Wellstead in 1850. John arrived in Western Australia with the 51st Regiment British Army in 1840. After being joined by his wife, Anne, they and their subsequent twelve children grew fruit and vegetables, grazed sheep and cattle, and established a dairy, milking 70 head of cows by hand twice a day. Three further generations of Wellstead’s have made the farm a home and to this day continue the re-development of the original crown grant farmland into an exciting and unique eco-tourism development. This hidden treasure will amaze you as you wander through its various out buildings full of history.

The cottages were originally built from local stone, lime mortar sourced and burnt on the property, and pit sawn timber also sourced and produced on the property. The Currawong was built in 1864 as separate sleeping quarters for the second generation of Wellstead boys and was known as The Boys Room. After falling into disrepair and almost a total loss it was rescued and beautifully restored by 4th generation Wellstead and current owner Mr. Max Wellstead.

Boobook was built in 1854 and was originally used as sheep pens. When the second generation of Wellstead daughters matured, the largest of the pens was built up to provide a separate sleeping accommodation unit due to over-crowding in the house and was called The Girls Room.

This stunning property also boasts the popular Historic Wellstead Museum with over 6,000 exhibits from yesteryear and growing, and the popular Wellstead Museum Café. This is an original Eco Park, where only native animals are found. Wild Kangaroos are found browsing the lawn area or taking a quiet nap in mobs of up to fifty in and around the farm. The native birdlife is spectacular, and birdwatchers will be right at home, especially with the cheeky Currawongs which flourish on the property.

The Museum & Cafe is currently managed by Daniel Hill his partner Sarah Hall along with their young son Kye and daughter Frankie.