Baby Humpback Whale

Baby Humpback Whale


Whale watching in Bremer Bay occurs from July to November each year when Southern Right Whales can be seen calving in the calm waters off the many sheltered bays around the area. At times the whales are as close as only six metres from the shore. See them tail slap, fin slap and their massive breaches out of the water. You can even hear them sing if they are close enough. It is an experience not to miss in Bremer Bay.

Whales can be sighted from most of the coastline but especially from Bremer Beach, Point Ann and Trigelow Beach Doubtful Islands. Point Ann in the Fitzgerald River National Park provides a whale watching platform and views of Mount Maxwell and West Mount Barren.

Alternatively a Bremer Canyon Orca tour will also provide whale watching with Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales & Beaked Whales just to name a few. This season is from January to April. Just head to our Bookings page or come and see us at the CRC for all the information.